Don't Kill The Count

Welcome to a simple social experiment! The value stored in this counter can be changed by anyone who visits this website!

Every 24 hours, your IP address is allowed to either...

  1. Increment the counter by 1, or...
  2. Reset the counter to 0 (if it's not already 0).

I wonder what the highest count reached will be? For a large value to be reached, several people will have to resist clicking the reset button. In this game, just one person can eliminate the progress of a whole crowd!

What will you do?

Data Storage Policy: If you click either button below, your IP address will be hashed and the hash will be stored. This is how the 1 interaction per 24-hour period rule is enforced. I do not record your actual IP address. I purge these records occasionally. You are welcome to use a VPN or otherwise manipulate your IP to get multiple interactions. 😄



Make your first choice!